Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This poem is NOT based on my own life. I wrote this poem a while ago to showcase my creativity as a writer. A MOTHER’S NOTE BY VERONIQUE BAILEY aka NICKY A couple fighting. The door slams. A woman starts crying. Footsteps down the hall, the bedroom door slowly opens. "Mommy!!!" (The child starts crying) "Don't cry, daddy didn't mean it." The woman says to the child. (Narrator speaks) "This is the image of my mom I'll never forget, The look on her face of hate & regret, Her nitey soaking wet, Not because of her tears, But because of her fears, Caused by the abuse she endured over the years, As she lies there on the floor, I remember the week before, When my mom walked out & said "No more," When he grabbed her & threw her against the door, All the blood she bled, Those are the memories that still run through my head, Memories I thought would never happen to me. Until I had my own family. I really thought he was the man for me, Just like my mom I was too blind to see, I should've left him a long time ago, Why I didn't I just don't know, Love is blind as far as the eye can see, I thought I'd be blind for eternity, Coz leaving him wouldn't be easy for me, Not after we found out about the pregnancy. Abortion was on my mind. But I couldn't commit that crime. I wish I may, I wish I might. Find protection for us tonight. Those are the words I always resite. As I hold my daughter tight. Telling her everything's gonna be alright. But I was wrong. Coz that happy moment didn't last long. Coz he was back. Greeting me with a punch & a smack. As I laid on the kitchen floor. I wasn't gonna stand for it anymore. That was the last straw. I packed my bags with no where to go. So scared but I wasn't gonna let my fear show. Oh hell no!!! Alone I walked with my child on my side. Ashamed of my face so I'd run & hide. My eyes swollen from the tears I've cried. Struggle to make ends meat. With just enough money to buy a loaf of bread so we could eat. My eyes filled with pain & sorrow. Looking for a better tomorrow. But the days grew darker than the night. Keeping myself out of sight. But then a man asked me if I'm alright. So scared to trust another man again. Especially after all the pain. They say u should leave your problems in the past. But those memories always last. I won't make the same mistake twice. U can come across as being extra nice. I'm not a fool for love. I get all my love from above. Day in & day out. I sit & wonder what my life's all about. Words overflowing from my brain. Words so good I've got to recite it again. Words that rhyme. Words that keep me occupied in my spare time. Writing what I feel. Sometimes my emotions are so unreal. Just when I thought GOD gave up on me. I realised I was Blessed with the gift of writing poetry. One-sided & alone. I refuse to go out, I just stay at home. Writing my poetry 1 after the other. My whole life revolved around being a writer & a mother. Trying to use the Gift GOD has given me. Trying so hard to make it in the industry. But no one noticed me. Yet again I felt the hurt & betrayl.. I thought I was always destined to fail. I gave up on life. Trying to commit suicide with a blunt knife. The thought of me dying. Made start crying. Because what would happen to my baby gal. She's too young to face the world. I won't allow her to go through that pain. It seems like I'm living my childhood all over again. I wasn't going to allow my past to get the best of me. I was determined to change my destiny. It was so clear what I had to do. I had to let GOD'S Gift shine through. So I started writing again. Going through pen after pen. My emotions over-flowing. Not sure where my road is going. I followed the path the whole way through. Until there was nothing left for me to do. Looking for someone to help make my dreams come true. But it just wasn't meant to be. Lotsa people read my poetry. But no one in the industry believed in me. My heart was broken in two. I didn't know what to do. I put away the pen once again. Tired of all the drama & pain. & All the rain. Am I never gonna see the sun? Has the devil finally won? Wait, there's a knock at the door. I was so scared my feet felt like they were stuck to the floor. Come on open it what are u waiting for. I can't believe what I see. All u beautiful people standing in front of me. Listening to my voice. I guess I finally made the right choice. Now I know GOD didn't forget about me. Not only has HE Blessed me abundantly. But HE'S Blessed me with a loving family. Because through all my tears I endured over the years. HE still managed to help me face my fears. HE sent me my husband to be. Now in the beginning it wasn't easy for me. Especially after what I went through the first time around. But this time I knew it was love that I found. & Yet again the moment didn't last very long. Because my heart wasn't strong. I knew I couldn't go on. It was too late for me. But I'm glad I left a legacy. A legacy in the form of my poetry. So as u start to cry. I know you're probably wondering why I had to die. I'm not quiet sure. Maybe they just couldn't find the cure. Well now it's too late. But baby-gal wait. Coz there's something I want u to know. Even though I won't be able to watch u grow. U still me the world to me. That's why I left u my poetry. It's the least I could do. To show u how much I love u. So don't cry just wipe your tears, Coz my memory will continue for many years...

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